Using technology and experience to modernize the lumber supply chain.

A message from BuyChain’s founders

BuyChain was born out of a desire of our Founding Team to build something truly exceptional. Over a Saturday morning coffee in Austin, the initial outline of what BuyChain would soon become was mapped out. It included the intricate combination of world-class customer experience, people empowerment, and cutting-edge technological advancement for the lumber industry.

What began as a business helping customers sell more online has since become something much more profound: BuyChain is reimagining the world of commodity trading and sales.

We accomplish this through our unique product offerings designed to set an entirely new standard of customer convenience. To give the world’s best commodity lumber traders a modern toolset to more efficiently grow their business.

The attributes that have made the commodities lumber industry dependable for generations – steady growth, enduring relationships have also contributed to a lack of progressive thinking along the way and delays in making a technological investment. In fact, we are often asked why our team has chosen to build a company in the commodity building materials industry.

Our response is simple: BuyChain is a once-in-a-generation company and the opportunity ahead for all of its customers, employees, and partners is enormous.

Building a modern platform has required a willingness to challenge conventions and change traditional ways of thinking. And as the needs and preferences of our customers have changed, we’ve changed too with the goal of staying several steps ahead.

We continue to operate with an eye toward the future. The strength and cohesiveness of our management team will be constantly improved, and we will continue to nurture a culture that rewards teamwork and long-term commitment to our customers and each other. More importantly, we are barely scratching the surface when it comes to the breadth of capabilities we plan to deliver for each and every customer.

We’d like to close with our commitment to you: We will listen intently to truly understand your needs, goals, and aspirations for the work you do in our industry. We will ensure that we treat our customers, team members and the companies that we support with enduring respect; and we will carry out our responsibilities with courage, humility and above all else, integrity.

As a testament to this commitment, you can always reach us directly at should you wish to reach out at any time.

Thank you for the trust you’ve placed in BuyChain. It is an honor to serve you and we are extremely excited about this opportunity to achieve great things, together.

Founding Team

Ryan Cahill, CEO
Ryan Cahill

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan is visionary; leading the team with thoughtful planning and mapping the success of BuyChain through an industry-first lens.

Marcell Haywood, CSO
Marcell Haywood

Chief Strategy Officer

Marcell’s strategic direction is forged by unparalleled thought-leadership and his business acumen.

Rus Ackner - CMO
Rus Ackner

Chief Marketing Officer

Rus has a critical eye for creativity and possesses a highly dynamic, data-driven approach to marketing.