Beta 0.213.0-0.13.0

New Features
  • Introduced responsive layouts for multiple resolutions and tablets
  • New product lot UI
  • New Tally UI in Transaction
  • CRM UI enhancements
  • Updated format for order confirmation document
  • Updates to Change Orders, Allow Transport changes
  • Change Orders, Allow Cancel during in-transit state enhancement
  • All saved preferences are now server-side, meaning they will carry across devices
  • Ability to customize login screen based on domain
  • Performance analytics and reporting (available on select accounts)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed profit and cost basis calculation bugs
  • Fixed shipping calculations for different rate terms

Beta 0.203.0-0.11.12

New Features
  • Implemented Change Orders – Cancel
  • Updates to BOL, Invoice, Confirmation and Pick Ticket document creation
  • Added Inbound and Outbound facility information for Linked CRM Locations
  • Enchantments to “Finance at a Glance” in Review phase
  • Improved Freight Terms Support
  • Added projected margin to inventory
  • Customer selection now auto-completes
  • SPEC includes unit picece count in all places
Bug Fixes
  • Allowed a number of fields to be set to blank
  • Login screen fixes
  • Fixed delivered pricing errors
  • Fixed Filter ordering for date
  • Fixed zip code autocomplete
  • Resolved the issue that locked transaction when inventory is deleted
  • Ask price and margin calculation errors now fixed

Beta 0.193.0-0.10.6

New Features
  • Order Confirmation, Pick Ticket, Invoice and Bill of Lading documents are autogenerated per Transaction
  • Added Default Bill To for all CRM entries, used in invoice and confirmation documents.
  • When searching inventory including “archived” the product state for “archived” products is set “SOLD”
  • Allow Grouping on Ship and Created Dates
  • Added warnings and ability to remove over allocated, or already sold units from Tally
  • Added more information to product Lot, such as total measures, etc.
  • Removed weight form generated documents until better estimates can be made
Bug Fixes
  • Improved performance for dashboard, orders and product lot loading
  • Various bug fixes on login/invalid login
  • Fixed long press on map to set geo locations
  • facility/location forms country/state/city selection not working correctly bug
  • Fixed broken reporting in CRM
  • Many calculation corrections

Beta 0.86.0-

New Features
  • Added Cost Basis, Margin, Profit, Discount and Discount % Column in Orders Section
  • Added Summary by group allowing quick reporting on profitability
  • Consolidated business logic to the shared library used by front and backend
  • Added delivered price per tally line item
  • Added delivered price in tally summary
  • Added Bulk update to inventory view
  • Transaction Form Cleanup: Right Align Action Buttons
  • Transaction Form Cleanup: Move Estimated Ship week to Shipping Section
  • Automatic Document Generation of Invoice, Order Confirmation, and Pick Ticket
  • Added Option to see archived products
  • Added Customer requested changes to lumber spec
Bug Fixes
  • Enhanced load time for the dashboard
  • Changed Transaction Company field to auto-complete style
  • Corrected length sorting
  • Allow Zooming on maps when not in edit mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused multi-select of product lots
  • Fixed bug that caused orders not to show in CRM

Alpha 0.177.0-0.9.15

New Features
  • Enabled ability to move products to new/existing lots
  • Expanded traceability of product, adding a journal and linking to acquired/sold transactions
  • Made acquired and unhand product dates editable
  • Ability to sort inventory and orders by “state” ie on order, in transit etc in a logical progression
  • Added transport details to order screen (method, car #, etc.)
  • Added addition user preferences around scroll bar
  • Add more “toll tips” for helpful information and tips across the product
  • Added railcar and transaction retaking features
  • Added more details to Sales Order and Purchase Order within the transaction
Bug Fixes
  • Broken form on sales/purchase number update
  • “All” Permissions resets to “Custom” on assignment bug
  • Stud Length errors around displayed vs calculated length
  • Can’t View Attachments in Milestone
  • Logo for Look and Feel is taken from company. same for all users
  • Increase Max Character Length on Certain Fields
  • Same profiles available in CRM and orders screen.
  • Fixed issues with deleted products that had been added to a transactionFixed issues with multi-session caching

Alpha 0.163.0-0.9.0

New Features
  • Added Customization for COGs/COGp
  • Added PO/SO Numbers to Transactions, both auto-generated and manual option
  • Application Skinning, choose colors and custom logo for buy chain look and feel.
  • Added per company feature enablement, allowing admins to restrict experimental customers
  • Simplified Color Selection box
  • Enhanced Shipping Selection Sort – Intelligent shipping recommendations
  • Trader Dashboard – Allows View All for Top Customers, Leader-board etc
  • Autogenerating transaction descriptions based on TX Tally
  • Fixed the Buychain Fee to calculate off basis points, added free tier account option
  • Updated format for Transaction numbers, allows copy paste and emailing TX links
  • Import/Export CRM to CSV/Excel
  • Added calulations for Engineered products UoM
  • Added Finance System Connector for DMSI Agility and Quickbooks
  • Functionality Limited to Login and Customer Account Sync with Buychain CRM
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where sold product still shown in inventory
  • Allowed for $0 Sales and Purchase pricing.
  • Fixed Cost basis calculations
  • Removed buttons for split/merge delete products lots, which are not supported
  • Fixed aging calculations
  • Added or corrected tooltips and formatting
  • UI clean up, data grid grouping fixes

Alpha 0.138.0-0.8.4

New Features
  • Bookmarks and Saved Data Grids
  • Scale Size of Bubbles in Default Dashboard
  • Added Ship Date Estimate for Transaction that haven’t shipped.
  • Rate Table Updated to Allow shipping rates not based on board feet
  • Default Dashboard: whole world map
  • Add User Privacy settings
  • Added company settings for Finance, Fiscal Year, Revenue recognition, etc
  • Buttons to expand all/collapse all in inventory and market search
  • Add company policy for assigning products to an order from product lot.
  • FIFO, Highest Cost etc.
  • Add Ability for Seller to See product lot from Transaction
Bug Fixes
  • Cost Basis Math Wrong
  • Cleaned up formatting of Trader and Manager Dashboards
  • Shrunk bubble size on map dashboard
  • Leader-board icon not loading
  • Removed ability to add already “Allocated” Product to an order
  • Auto Generated milestones include username now.
  • Lot Cost basis converted to show UoM (MBF in case of lumber)
  • Fixes to Finance at a Glance dashboards