Beta 0.253.0-0.18.4

New Features
  • Added “My Products” saved production selection for creating offline sales orders. Allowing users to quickly select product specs they have used before.
  • Added multi-select to “My Products”
  • Products, Product Lots, and Transactions have all been updated with enhanced logging. This logging has a much higher level of detail of what changed on the object and allows us to backtrace the state of the object since creation.
  • All logging and system messages have been removed from the transaction chat. This will now only contain user to user communications.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected the issue with some fields being uneditable in quote state
  • Fixed problem where canceled inventory from deleted offline SO’s would show up in sold inventory searches
  • Pivoting on journal entries causing view corruption now fixed
  • Removed access to direct edit of customer and vendor in journal entries
  • Fixed view saving errors
  • Fixed default account numbers
  • Fixed ability to update journal entry when “group” has been removed.
  • Layout and UI enhancements on the transaction view and journal entry screens

Beta 0.248.1-0.17.3

New Features
  • Refactor company, groups for accounting module
  • Added List of Default Accounts (Accounting)
  • Added a reset to the default state for all table filters
  • Added role-based access permissions for accounting modules
  • Added ability to search inventory by the owner, via a search box
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed inventory module to allow search by user and company
  • Fixed error case where shipping and transportation became un-editable.
  • Fixed a case where inventory from canceled transactions was visible in certain inventory searches
  • Sales transactions in the confirmed “+” states are all now counted in the “Review Finance Section”
  • Fixed error when adding a new account in the accounts section
  • In creating an account section, fixed where all groups were not displaying
  • Fixed error with setting default rail on a facility
  • Fixed error with rate table entries

Beta 0.234.0-0.16.2

New Features
  • Added Pagination support for Finance /Accounts
  • Added ability to sort Finance/Accounts based on groups
  • Updated Finance Navigation Menus
  • Removed ability to update or delete products directly (Accounting impact)
  • Migration of Accounts and Group to “in-box” database
  • Enabled Ivy Render Engine for angular improving application render performance
Bug Fixes
  • Error initiating a new transaction direct from inventory
  • Added missing parameters as part of API calls (various)
  • Added ability to group columns in “finance at a glance”
  • Fixed error about different price systems in same tallies
  • Fixed navigation between allocated product lots and their transaction
  • Corrected CRM table “reset to default” view
  • Fixed the issue where product lots were not de-allocating when the user canceled the transaction
  • Corrected layout where order tally text would overlap
  • Fixed styling and spelling in the CRM module
  • Fixed a scenario where the bulk update of the product lot owner didn’t work.
  • Corrected the UI for the ability to deselect labels in CRM

Beta 0.228.0-0.14.1

New Features
  • Groups – This feature allows the grouping of members based on business units or other structures like regions, etc. Groups affect accounting and reporting. In future releases, Groups will extend to access control restrictions.
  • Added a new field to Product Lot so you can see which transaction it was allocated in.
  • Update to Chart of Accounts views
  • Performance enhancements
      • BuyChain now uses a new high-performance transaction search API
      • Credit Panel in CRM Now loads as expected
      • Updated Sentry system to monitor production and demo instances
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed update to “Owner” using bulk update
  • User Chat Messages now wrap properly
  • Bulk edit inserting notes corrected
  • Duplicate adding of product lots tally correctly
  • Fixed calculation of panel measurements
  • Fixed CRM data grid; to disallow group by action
  • Fixed Engineered product calculation
  • Added character limitations on the transaction text fields
  • Fixed issue with empty files exported from CRM

Beta 0.221.0-0.13.13

New Features
  • Additional Thicknesses added to RL Dimensional Lumber Specs
  • Backend support for group feature (frontend coming in November)
  • Added ability to view “sold” inventory in Audit reports
  • CRM Visual changes
  • UI/UX Updates
    • “Bookmark” feature for saving layouts
    • Added additional CRM UI consistency
    • Inventory
  • Prototype Accounting Hooks
  • Updates to the Inventory Audit Report
  • Accelerated CRM: Account loading through deferred transaction request
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected margin calculations in review state
  • Fixed password reset, account activation bugs
  • Series of calculation fixes around Freight terms and its impact on cost, margin, etc
  • Cosmetic corrections in the Inventory panel
  • Login and password reset issues

Beta 0.216.0-0.13.10

New Features
  • Advanced find/filter engine provides ability to search product lots and transactions based on dozens of criteria
  • Complex search can be built using boolean logic AND/OR to create specific inquiries
  • New Reporting Module supports 3 report types
  • Transaction Performance – find and filter through all transactions to generate reports on revenue, transaction count, margin over time
  • Inventory Performance – find/filter product lots both current and sold to view inventory velocity, turnover and acquisition patterns
  • Inventory Audit – find/filter to the individual units of product lots, including tracking numbers to get a complete account of product unit movement through a site, or over a period time
  • My Reports – users can save most commonly viewed reports and quick run from single click
  • Added change password feature: users can now change their own password, privileged admins can change the password of a user
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed performance issue with CRM company loading
  • Various fixes for UI responsiveness

Beta 0.213.0-0.13.0

New Features
  • Introduced responsive layouts for multiple resolutions and tablets
  • New product lot UI
  • New Tally UI in Transaction
  • CRM UI enhancements
  • Updated format for order confirmation document
  • Updates to Change Orders, Allow Transport changes
  • Change Orders, Allow Cancel during in-transit state enhancement
  • All saved preferences are now server-side, meaning they will carry across devices
  • Ability to customize login screen based on domain
  • Performance analytics and reporting (available on select accounts)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed profit and cost basis calculation bugs
  • Fixed shipping calculations for different rate terms

Beta 0.203.0-0.11.12

New Features
  • Implemented Change Orders – Cancel
  • Updates to BOL, Invoice, Confirmation and Pick Ticket document creation
  • Added Inbound and Outbound facility information for Linked CRM Locations
  • Enchantments to “Finance at a Glance” in Review phase
  • Improved Freight Terms Support
  • Added projected margin to inventory
  • Customer selection now auto-completes
  • SPEC includes unit picece count in all places
Bug Fixes
  • Allowed a number of fields to be set to blank
  • Login screen fixes
  • Fixed delivered pricing errors
  • Fixed Filter ordering for date
  • Fixed zip code autocomplete
  • Resolved the issue that locked transaction when inventory is deleted
  • Ask price and margin calculation errors now fixed

Beta 0.193.0-0.10.6

New Features
  • Order Confirmation, Pick Ticket, Invoice and Bill of Lading documents are autogenerated per Transaction
  • Added Default Bill To for all CRM entries, used in invoice and confirmation documents.
  • When searching inventory including “archived” the product state for “archived” products is set “SOLD”
  • Allow Grouping on Ship and Created Dates
  • Added warnings and ability to remove over allocated, or already sold units from Tally
  • Added more information to product Lot, such as total measures, etc.
  • Removed weight form generated documents until better estimates can be made
Bug Fixes
  • Improved performance for dashboard, orders and product lot loading
  • Various bug fixes on login/invalid login
  • Fixed long press on map to set geo locations
  • facility/location forms country/state/city selection not working correctly bug
  • Fixed broken reporting in CRM
  • Many calculation corrections

Beta 0.86.0-

New Features
  • Added Cost Basis, Margin, Profit, Discount and Discount % Column in Orders Section
  • Added Summary by group allowing quick reporting on profitability
  • Consolidated business logic to the shared library used by front and backend
  • Added delivered price per tally line item
  • Added delivered price in tally summary
  • Added Bulk update to inventory view
  • Transaction Form Cleanup: Right Align Action Buttons
  • Transaction Form Cleanup: Move Estimated Ship week to Shipping Section
  • Automatic Document Generation of Invoice, Order Confirmation, and Pick Ticket
  • Added Option to see archived products
  • Added Customer requested changes to lumber spec
Bug Fixes
  • Enhanced load time for the dashboard
  • Changed Transaction Company field to auto-complete style
  • Corrected length sorting
  • Allow Zooming on maps when not in edit mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused multi-select of product lots
  • Fixed bug that caused orders not to show in CRM

Alpha 0.177.0-0.9.15

New Features
  • Enabled ability to move products to new/existing lots
  • Expanded traceability of product, adding a journal and linking to acquired/sold transactions
  • Made acquired and unhand product dates editable
  • Ability to sort inventory and orders by “state” ie on order, in transit etc in a logical progression
  • Added transport details to order screen (method, car #, etc.)
  • Added addition user preferences around scroll bar
  • Add more “toll tips” for helpful information and tips across the product
  • Added railcar and transaction retaking features
  • Added more details to Sales Order and Purchase Order within the transaction
Bug Fixes
  • Broken form on sales/purchase number update
  • “All” Permissions resets to “Custom” on assignment bug
  • Stud Length errors around displayed vs calculated length
  • Can’t View Attachments in Milestone
  • Logo for Look and Feel is taken from company. same for all users
  • Increase Max Character Length on Certain Fields
  • Same profiles available in CRM and orders screen.
  • Fixed issues with deleted products that had been added to a transactionFixed issues with multi-session caching

Alpha 0.163.0-0.9.0

New Features
  • Added Customization for COGs/COGp
  • Added PO/SO Numbers to Transactions, both auto-generated and manual option
  • Application Skinning, choose colors and custom logo for buy chain look and feel.
  • Added per company feature enablement, allowing admins to restrict experimental customers
  • Simplified Color Selection box
  • Enhanced Shipping Selection Sort – Intelligent shipping recommendations
  • Trader Dashboard – Allows View All for Top Customers, Leader-board etc
  • Autogenerating transaction descriptions based on TX Tally
  • Fixed the Buychain Fee to calculate off basis points, added free tier account option
  • Updated format for Transaction numbers, allows copy paste and emailing TX links
  • Import/Export CRM to CSV/Excel
  • Added calulations for Engineered products UoM
  • Added Finance System Connector for DMSI Agility and Quickbooks
  • Functionality Limited to Login and Customer Account Sync with Buychain CRM
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where sold product still shown in inventory
  • Allowed for $0 Sales and Purchase pricing.
  • Fixed Cost basis calculations
  • Removed buttons for split/merge delete products lots, which are not supported
  • Fixed aging calculations
  • Added or corrected tooltips and formatting
  • UI clean up, data grid grouping fixes

Alpha 0.138.0-0.8.4

New Features
  • Bookmarks and Saved Data Grids
  • Scale Size of Bubbles in Default Dashboard
  • Added Ship Date Estimate for Transaction that haven’t shipped.
  • Rate Table Updated to Allow shipping rates not based on board feet
  • Default Dashboard: whole world map
  • Add User Privacy settings
  • Added company settings for Finance, Fiscal Year, Revenue recognition, etc
  • Buttons to expand all/collapse all in inventory and market search
  • Add company policy for assigning products to an order from product lot.
  • FIFO, Highest Cost etc.
  • Add Ability for Seller to See product lot from Transaction
Bug Fixes
  • Cost Basis Math Wrong
  • Cleaned up formatting of Trader and Manager Dashboards
  • Shrunk bubble size on map dashboard
  • Leader-board icon not loading
  • Removed ability to add already “Allocated” Product to an order
  • Auto Generated milestones include username now.
  • Lot Cost basis converted to show UoM (MBF in case of lumber)
  • Fixes to Finance at a Glance dashboards