Made For Distributors

BuyChain helps LBM distributors provide an unrivaled customer experience and eliminates longtime, industry-wide constraints on profitability and growth. 

Gain a competitive edge

In the age of M&As and increased market uncertainty it is imperative for dealers and distributors to have access to the tools, data, and capital you need to navigate turbulent times. Our system was designed to empower you to move with the market and stay ahead of the competition.

Real-time Data

Information on demand in real-time keeps your whole team on the same page and ahead of the market. Gain deeper insight into your operations with dashboards, data visualizations, and pivot tables.

Buy & Sell Faster & Easier

Never miss a deal or market move again. Our end-to-end system makes buying, managing, and selling inventory frictionless and fast. You can even eliminate human dependencies with our eProcurement and eCommerce features.

Let’s get to work.

We know the industry and how frustrating the current way of conducting business can be. That is why we developed one platform that connects all of your team, inventory, and sales processes in one location. Get in touch with us today.