The ERP software your entire team will enjoy using

Replace outdated systems with a centralized sales management solution designed to make everyone’s work easier. Fully optimize your team by giving accounting, traders, yard managers, and executives access to the tools and information they need.

BuyChain Team

Built for 10X growth, not 10%

How does BuyChain connect suppliers and buyers?

BuyChain Supply Chain Connections

Business runs smoother with BuyChain

BuyChain aims to improve the speed and accuracy of every trade. Streamlined workflows organize all of your customer, purchasing, and sales documentation. See more:

Dashboards with the most relevant data and order information at an instant

Information is always a simple search away - customer data, order history, or inventory is easily found with BuyChain smart search

Search, sort, and download data instantly with filtering and data pivoting tools

Stop chasing down

Pricing, inventory, and tracking information at your customer’s fingertips. Giving your sales team the time and tools to focus on selling.

Everything you need on one screen

Fewer quotes
More orders

Intelligent reporting enables your sales team – proactively arming them with market trends and product data to sell more effectively.

Intuitive dashboards with relevant data for all users

Sales 24/7/365
No human required

This is e-commerce for lumber. Customers can purchase anytime from anywhere. Plus, powerful permission features allow for maximum control over purchasing and selling approvals.

Robust administrator and user permission tools

Cloud-native architecture

BuyChain is truly in the cloud. Which means you can access your data from anywhere on any device. Infinitely scale your sales without worrying about performance with no additional hardware costs or security issues to handle. Updates are regularly introduced to improve your sales success.

Cloud Native Architecture

Take advantage of the scalable, flexible nature of the cloud to maximize business value & keeping customers happy