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Real-Time Lumber Sales

By April 14, 2020Product Features

We realized quickly when developing BuyChain that historical sales data, pricing, and lack of solid reporting was hampering trading efforts. It’s impossible to maximize profitability without knowing what’s happening in the market on a daily basis. Even, hourly. There are numerous external variables that impact supply, demand, and immediate pricing fluctuations in the lumber space. Having first-hand experience trading blindly without knowledge of the market at that very moment is always a profit gamble. BuyChain set out to eliminate the wasted time of back and forth on the phone while trying to lock in pricing and inventory.

Enabling traders with market data and geographical sales in real-time helps identify lumber hotspots around the country, what’s selling, and why. Having this information at a trader’s fingertips gives a new perspective on advantageous selling and a proactive approach to selling more wood. See what’s happening on the BuyChain dashboard target key customers regionally with better pricing, immediate sales, and better customer service. See it for yourself with a quick demo.