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Unemployment Claims Dip Under 1MM First Time Since March

Likely a sign that fewer people are losing their jobs, hardly a recovery, state claims offices are finally catching up on unprecedented numbers of claims. Additionally, the expiration of extended benefits are also impacting the numbers a bit as people move back into the workforce and businesses catch up with new demand. Cutting jobless benefits by 1/3 is also motivating to those needing that supplemental income – which may not cut it anymore.
Home Prices GainEncouraging; home prices are still gaining with Q2 reports now out.

3/7: 211k
3/14: 282k
3/21: 3.3M
3/28: 6.9M
4/4: 6.6M
4/11: 5.2M
4/18: 4.4M
4/25: 3.9M
5/2: 3.2M
5/9: 2.7M
5/16: 2.4M
5/23: 2.1M
5/30: 1.9M
6/6: 1.6M
6/13: 1.5M
6/20: 1.5M
6/27: 1.4M
7/4: 1.3M
7/11: 1.3M
7/18: 1.4M
7/25: 1.4M
8/1: 1.2M
8/8: 963k