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We Can Help With A Remote Work Transition Plan

By March 25, 2020Lumber Market

Hi all – we hope you are being safe and staying healthy.

In response to the growing “Shelter in Place” orders spreading the country, we have been speaking with a number of executives across our industry on how they are adapting to operating remotely. The answers range from cautious optimism with their current ecosystem to the sheer dread of not having a solution in place to function as a team and continue doing business in this new reality.

In case you missed it, please see some free resources and guidance for remote operations found here.

We have been building BuyChain with the expressed purpose of untethering the business from the office as well as enabling your customers with a complete online solution to transact with lumber companies. Now, with the added stress of the current COVID-19 limitations, and business continuity plans insufficient for a remote workforce. We are helping with a more immediate solution.

BuyChain Remote Work Transition Plan
The RWTP (Remote Work Transition Plan) is comprised of three deliverables:

  1. A complete assessment of your business which includes but not limited to technology system analysis, process, internal communication capabilities, customer-facing communication tools, and team proficiency.
  2. A short term action plan on what you can execute in less than 30 days with an immediate impact to improve your company’s ability to function remotely.
  3. A longer-term action plan on how to transition the business to be better prepared for an ongoing shift to remote work, increase operational efficiency and what can be done to accelerate revenue growth.

What will the Remote Work Transition Plan answer?

  • What are the economic benefits of remote work vs working in a traditional office setting?
  • How do I determine who should work from home and are there any exceptions?
  • How to support the collaboration of traders when off a trading floor?
  • What business tools are available to help me run my company remotely?
  • How do I implement these tools and train staff?
  • Are there tips and best practices for remote work and remote management?
  • How do I know everyone is being productive once working remotely?
  • What stumbling blocks are out there for companies using remote work structures?
  • What is a prioritized plan on how to move in this direction?

We can deliver this complete solution depending on the size and scope of the company within 1-2 weeks.

We hope to make both an immediate impact to help you operate in these difficult times as well as make a lasting impact on our industry. By adopting the capabilities that help increase your market share now, will support the next chapter in your company’s growth.

Stay Healthy!

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