Features & Capabilities

Our holistic solution brings together disparate and human dependent data points into one centralized source of truth. Our platform can replace and unify your ERP, TMS, CRM, and accounting software.

A.I. Answers

BuyChain's game changing A.I. (artificial intelligence) powered chat interface enables users to ask the system for answers.

BuyChains User Interface.  Custom report screen.

Automated Reporting

Automate burdensome reporting saving time and frustration. Build custom reports quickly and easily.

BuyChains User Interface. Showing inventory in a map, data flow, and table view.

Analytics Dashboards

Visualize your company's data with customizable and interactive analytics dashboards.

BuyChains User Interface. Inventory being sorted and filtered.

Inventory Management

Eliminate time now spent on internal cross-checking by providing all stakeholders real-time inventory data, informing both purchasing and sales on what to buy and what is available to sell.

BuyChains User Interface. Finance overview screen.

Finance Management

The consolidation of finance and accounting into a single unified operating system gives finance a real time view of sales, inventory, write-offs, cash flow and other impacts on the bottom line.

BuyChains User Interface. Logistics workflow.

Shipping & Logistics

Our TMS (Transportation Management System) allows you and your customers to track and optimize the movement and delivery of orders.

BuyChains User Interface. Ai Chat where a customer is placing and order.

eProcurement & eCommerce

Provide your customers with greater control and an improved user experience with the ability to quote, buy and track their orders through an easy to use self service portal.

BuyChains User Interface. Traders Dashboard screen.

Real-Time Data & Visibility

True real-time data and visibility into all aspects of your business. By consolidating sales, logistics, warehousing, and accounting onto one platform you can ensure each team is all in the know.

BuyChains User Interface. Inventory with data being pivoted by multiple columns.

Data Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are an interactive feature that allows you to summarize and surface the information you need to know faster and easier.

BuyChains User Interface. Customize branding screen.

Customizable Branding

Make your operational platform feel like it's YOURS by customizing BuyChain with your company's branding.

BuyChains User Interface. Login Screen.

Enterprise Grade Security

ISO/IEC 27001 certified enterprise grade security with multi-factor protection. Data encryption in transit and at rest means you can rest easy knowing your data is secure and safe.

BuyChains User Interface. Add New User Screen.

User Permissions

Control the flow of data so that people only see what you want them to see. With BuyChain, employees and clients can be given specific permissions that determine what they can and cannot view and do.

A.I. Answers Integration (beta)

The idea of replacing your existing operational software can be dauting. That's why we offer BuyChain's A.I. Answers as a stand alone integration for your existing ERP system. So long as your ERP allows API integration and a unified data structure BuyChain can still help you get the answers your need.

BuyChains User Interface. AI Chat Welcome Screen.

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