Railcar Lumber

The trading platform that sells more wood

Features that provide focus and insights

The difference is in the details

BuyChain seamlessly and consistently coordinates your sales and order flow. Instead of working independently, each feature of the platform communicates behind the scenes to alert traders, finance, accounting, and management the information they need. Streamlining the entire approval, sales, collection, inventory allocation, and tracking processes.

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Customer Relationship Management – CRM

Communication is the key to successful sales. Anticipating your buyer’s needs at the opportune time is an art. BuyChain makes it a science. Not only do you have the complete contact information of your buyer’s team, but you also have sales history, what they are likely to buy to next, and real-time reporting right on the same screen. It’s almost too easy.

Complete inventory management

BuyChain helps you and your entire trading floor effectively buy and sell with complete inventory transparency. This way you know what’s available to sell, allocated, items that are aging, losing money, all with pricing updates in near real-time. Get alerts on fast-moving items and price fluctuations that help you stay on top of margins and win more business.

Zero-touch, unassisted, self-service sales

There’s no better feeling than waking up and seeing offers and sales in your inbox. Your buyers can now purchase your inventory, which you control and give them access too, completely without your assistance. If the price is right (you can send them offers as well proactively right in BuyChain) everyone wins. Controllable, forecastable, and convenient ecommerce has finally come to the lumber industry.

Useful, more intelligent reports

So many traders struggle with getting up-to-date sales figures, inventory turn, pricing, and commissions. It’s like playing the lotto. Those days are over since BuyChain’s completely customizable and pivot-enabled reporting is built-in to your dashboard. Drill down to your heart’s content and export reports for other applications. Data is also permission-based so can display only what’s necessary for more profitable, smarter buying and selling.