Accurate Inventory

See what’s available, where, and how much you should buy or sell it for up-to-the-minute.

We operate in a real-time dynamic business but always chasing outdated information. It costs us valuable time on the phone, numerous emails, or text messages just to get inventory and price updates which often lead to missed orders and lost profit.

How do we fix the inventory visibility problem?

Digital inventory

True inventory counts are available and shared across all locations, salespeople, and even your customers if you want.

Instant search and filter

Search, filter, sort, and share product information from anywhere in the system in seconds, not hours.

Smart calculations

No need for calculators or freight charts. Pricing is calculated using always up-to-date delivered costs which means less quoting and more firm offers.
Faster Order Processing

Speed up your entire order process – from PO and approval to payment.

Writing up orders is a headache and takes us away from more profitable uses of time – like selling. Too many manual checks and balances make the process cumbersome; waiting for a credit review, PO mapping, and freight terms are all wasting valuable time.

How do we streamline and increase order productivity?

1-click design philosophy

By focusing on the user and the most logical way of accomplishing tasks, we give back minutes by removing friction in the ordering process.

Customer data at a glance

BuyChain's CRM; customer data, order history, location data, and more is woven right into the ordering process.

Instant credit review

Finance can easily review and manually or auto-approve orders based on credit limits and powerful permissions.
CRM Tools

Contact customers at the most opportune times with a built-in CRM that puts people first.

Relationships are the heart of our industry. Most tools that store vital information about your customers are slow, frustrating, and not easily accessed. Managing by memory isn’t productive and isn’t a time your CRM works for you and your customers?

How does BuyChain help you stay on top of your customer needs?

Smart automations

BuyChain alerts you when it's been longer than normal between orders; with product, pricing, location, and margin data. Plus, 1-click reorder/edit order capabilities.

Total recall

We put all the critical customer information at the forefront of the CRM and allow you to tag and notate in ways that make sense to you and not a software developer.

Centralized customer info

No matter where you are in the BuyChain platform, your customer is only a simple search or click away and often displays on the same screen.
e-Commerce Ordering

Give your customers every opportunity to order instantly.

The longer it takes you to respond or chase down information the more frustrated your customer becomes. Your window of opportunity closes as does your ability to maintain a healthy customer relationship. Customers today expect reliability and instant gratification through self-service but existing tools just can’t deliver.

How do you build trust and a reputation as the go-to, always-on lumber source?

Self-service ordering

Ecommerce has come to the lumber industry. Customers globally can place POs and orders securely at anytime from anywhere. Literally transact and trade while you sleep.

Customer portal

Customer can view their orders, trace their cars, view truck deliveries, and check inventory 24/7.

Control every interaction

Invite any customer to BuyChain where you determine what inventory they can see, buy, and what they can and can't do.
Robust Reporting

Lighting fast, robust reporting and analytics for better decision making.

The building materials industry is a high dollar, high volume, low margin business. Making multi-million dollar decisions without the right information is costly and high-risk. Running basic reports in most systems is slow and doesn’t give you the ability to drill down into what really matters. Segmenting or pivoting data based on volume, margin, salesperson, location, or bank-required details is virtually nonexistent. Until now.

What kind of reports and insights does BuyChain deliver?

At-a-glace answers

Reporting lives in every module of the product. View inventory by age, type, margin, location. View orders by store, by sales person, by day. View all orders by a customer or available credit. Any combination of data fields can be reported, sliced, filtered, sorted, pivoted, saved and shared.

Advanced reporting

The advanced reporting engine provides detailed reports that can compare data sets period over period, view inventory history and pricing, help prep for physical inventory or complete audits. Create specific reports for banks and lending partners that compile data automatically.

Cloud-based accessibility

BuyChain is hosted in the cloud. Therefore its secure, on the most modern technology, and unbelievably nimble. Any answer or report you would want is available in real-time and from anywhere in the world.
Lending partners

Minimize financial risks and strengthen your cash position.

Your bank relationship and credit line is the lifeline of your operations. But meeting underwriting requirements, delivering regular reporting, and compliance requirements are time consuming and difficult to manage daily. Plus managing credit for customers is a paper-intensive manual process that requires application reviews, regular limit reviews, and transaction approvals.

Why does BuyChain help build a better financial foundation?

Automates bank reporting

BuyChain provides all the transparency necessary for lenders out of the box so your accounting and operations team can leave pivot tables and manual reporting behind.

Minimizes credit risks

We digitize your credit application process and make customer credit management a breeze with in-system reviews and built-in credit monitoring accessible from the CRM. Never oversell or overextend again.

Executive confidence

Auditing, physical inventory, cash reconciliations, and a seamless connector into your existing financial system allows BuyChain to display key metrics on your desktop or mobile device. 24/7, in real-time, on the fairway, or on the lake.